The Co-op Natural Foods

About Us

In 1973, four households living on local farms combined their efforts to get economical, whole foods. Initially, it was necessary to travel to Minneapolis in order to get the kinds of foods they were looking for. More and more friends and relatives became interested and a buying club quickly emerged, providing food to several households. By December 1973 a storefront had opened, and the East Dakotah Cooperative was born! Several locations (and a name change) later, The Co-op Natural Foods is now a fixture in the Sioux Falls community with over 3000 owners and more joining daily! If you aren't an owner, do not fear; we won't lock you out of the store. EVERYONE IS WELCOME to shop for healthy, local, and sustainable products at The Co-op!


The Co-op Natural Foods exists so there will be a vibrant community that: Has access to sustainable, healthy, and fairly traded goods and services; Champions the cooperative business model; Is better educated about food and social responsibility; Supports and strengthens the local economy; Enjoys a higher quality of life.


When you become an owner of The Co-op Natural Foods, you literally become part owner of our grocery store. How cool is that? We are owned and operated by people just like you – your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and members of the community willing to work together for the good of the Sioux Falls area. Every household is eligible to purchase one share of stock, which can be done at the front counter for $200, or for $40 per year over a five year period. Owner stock is fully refundable at any time. Ownership is voluntary, and you don't have to be an owner to shop; everyone is welcome! However, there are some special benefits that we offer to Co-op Owners: Owner-only item sales, special order discounts, eligibility for patronage rebates during profitable years (when fully vested), ability to vote/run for our Board of Directors, coupon books mailed directly to your house, discounts to classes and partner events, and bragging rights of owning your own grocery store! The next time you visit The Co-op, let one of our staff members know that you'd like to become an owner and enjoy all these great ownership benefits!